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About Water Works Sports


      It’s amazing the genius that can occur over some wine and beer at a dinner table. What started out as idle conversation between friends about dead end jobs and the corporate structure blossomed into the start of something never dreamed of by three friends.




     We each had our own specific hobby that drew us to Maui and kept us here. Between the three of us we had a diver, two outrigger paddlers, three snorkelers, two stand up paddlers, three kayakers, and over 40 years of combined water knowledge. The common denominator was obviously water.


      We all wanted a job that eliminated the middleman. We wanted to create a job that didn’t feel like work. We wanted work to be fun. We wanted a place where our friends could come and hang out when passing by. We wanted to be a part of the community and to fill a need.


            The most amazing thing happened. We did just that. Since 2011 Water Works Sports is a well established business on the west side of Maui. We have built a business that is fun and rewarding.

      As we have grown so has our client base. We now get to enjoy repeat guests at our resort and also the locals that come in to shop. We have found a way to bring in the local community by bringing in local vendors that are pursuing their own passion. We have the ability to bring in products that we know, use, and love. We have grown from nothing into 1700 square feet of amazingness. Our team has grown, we added another 10 years of water knowledge and a surfer to our staff.


     We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business. We are not a chain. We stand by what we sell and will help you find the right activity to get out on the water without trying to upsell an activity. From Snorkeling to lying on the beach- we got the gear to get you in the sun having fun!


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Watershot for iPhone in Action

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