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Great Snorkeling Spots

Honolua Bay

Excellent coral formationsunsets on both sides of the bay with schools of fish. Best during summer months, no facilities.

Kapalua Bay

Either side of the bay has coral and populations of fish and generally provide protected conditions. Restrooms and showers available.

Napili Bay

The rocky point in front of the Gazebo restaurant is an excellent spot for turtles, just be careful of breaking waves and shallow rocks.

Honokeana Cove

Also known as turtle cove because of the abundant turtles inside, but access is difficult. It is a rocky coastline with no beach access.

KAhekili Park(Airport Beach)

An awesome shallow water reef just to the right and 100ft out. Free parking, showers, restrooms, and BBQ's.

Hanakao'o park (canoe beach)

At the southern end of beach past the lifeguard stand is an excellent rocky coastline for turtles, reef and fish. Awesome place to spend the whole day with the family, it is very busy on weekends with the locals so week days are the best. All facilities available.


One of Maui's largest and most beautiful coral gardens, starting just off shore and covering over 50 acres.                                        






Watershot for iPhone in Action

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