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Snorkel Rentals

Water Works Sports, in West Maui, rents kids and adult snorkel equipment. Stop by to rent a mask, snorkel and fins for the day or for a week.


The bays of West Maui offer excellent snorkeling opportunities -- whether you want to see a sea turtle, a humuhumunukunukuapua'a, or check out the beautiful coral in Honolua Bay.  Snorkeling is easy and fun for people of all ages!  Check out our local info section for a list of the great snorkeling spots in West Maui.

We have a large selection of sizes of masks, snorkels and fins for kids and adults.   All of our equipment is in excellent shape. We are happy to answer any snorkeling questions you may have!

Our snorkels rent for: $20 a day, or $40 for a week.

See our rental rates for all of our equipment.

Watershot for iPhone in Action

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