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Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals

Water Works Sports is proud to rent high quality stand up paddleboards (SUP) manufactured by Naish. Napili Bay is a great location for longboarding, so stop by today and rent a 10' or 11' board for an hour, day, or week.

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental in Napili BayOur variety of stand up paddle boards are great for beginners and experts.  Whether you are looking for the agility of a 10' board, or the stability of an 11' board, you will find a board to suit your needs.

We also have fixed length and adjustable paddles, perfect for individuals or families looking for a fun outing on the waves of Napili Bay.

Stop in our store and ask  for more information and let our expert staff set you up with the best board for you.



$40.00 $175.00


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Watershot for iPhone in Action

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